I have a reason to smile.
All I wanted was to live a life where I could create with my full and unlimited potential. I think I’m lucky enough for I am brave enough to fight for a passion that sculpts me everyday.

Even if I take steps backwards, I still move forward.  People say I’m strong, but was is strength? If I was so strong, I wouldn’t break, and breaking was always my specialty. Sometimes a remedy. I thrill in the cracking noises of the life I’ve chosen. There are cracks all over me now and I know I’ll never put them together properly – nor will an imaginary friend or the most passionate and caring lover.
But they never seemed to understand why I would struggle to speak sometimes anyway.
And here I am, in my own reality, it is always me and my cracks stuck together on an endless open road.
There’s no reason not to smile, I suppose. I can’t be too upset about things passing or people leaving. There are more adventures to seize. Much more to love, touch, to obsess about, to cry for, to find relief in. I want to feel it all.
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